A Duros chemist and medic he worked on Gydon as a pimp and drug producer before joining the heroes as their ships medic.

Character DescriptionEdit

A relatively attractive Duros male with green tinged skin.

Relationship to GroupEdit

A mutual friend and doctor to the Heroes. Yanran almost never takes sides or openly judges others preferring to give his advice in practical tidbits rather than pushing change on others.

Known AssociationsEdit

Employee of Master Vandrick.

Several small criminal organization throughout the outer and mid rims.

Known PastEdit

Yanran grew up in a poor neighborhood on Courascant struggling to help care for his familly,

Academic excellence in his schooling, particularly in the fields of Chemistry and Biology, eventually won Yanran a prestigious scholarship to attend the Courascant School of Medicine at the unusual early age of 17.

Yanran made it about two-thirds of the way through his degree before dropping off for undisclosed reasons. He began cooking and distributing various homemade drugs and synth-spices.

Eventually he moved away from his disaproving familly and set up the shop Yanran's House of Pleasures, a brothel and drug den, on the outer rim world of Gydon.

Febostaf was the first of the heroes to meet Yanran after he ducked into his shop offering to pay Yanran to help him hide out from the Black Suns that were hunting him. Much to Febo's surpirse, Yanran stood up to the Black Suns covering for Febo and refusing to let them search his establishment. When the Black Suns proceeded to take over his shop anyway, he teamed up with Febo to take down the Suns, destroying his own lab and business in the process. 

The following day, Yanran was captured by local militia who moved him to be questioned in Gydon's corrupt bio-weapon testing facilities. He was rescued by Febo and when seperated from him in their escape, he managed to make his own way out of the facility, saving Hotaru in the process.

Yanran went with Corler Vix to drop off Febo and Hotaru to Master Vandrick, driven by curiosity and a desire to see his rescuers didn't come to any harm. Vandrick offered Yanran the chance to help the heroes out further and make considerable credits in the process by signing on as expedition medic.