An ancient Sith Holocron in the possession of Indali. Darth Zannah was apprentice to Darth Bane creator of the main tennants of the modern sith including The Rule of Two. She was an accomplished Sith Sorceress and one of the few modern Sith to ever gain signifigant knowledge in this field.

Character DescriptionEdit

A dark pyramid carved with runes whose meanings have been lost with time.

She often speaks in the minds of Force Sensitives directly in tantalizing whispers or through a holograpic like projection of the physical body she once possessed as a young woman.

Relationship to GroupEdit

Indali is officially being trained in the ways of the sith by the Holocron though she has a long way yet to go until Zannah is willing to call her a true Sith Apprentice.

She has connected briefly with the minds of Hotaru, Ordo Wrell, and Brema though none of these people have made direct contact with the Holocron.

Known AssociationsEdit

Darth Bane (Centuries Dead)

The Night Sisters of Dathomir

Indali (former owner)

Cerani (current owner)

Known PastEdit

Second in the order of sith that would eventually lead to Palpatine and Vader as its last members.