Past: Senator Ishara of the Hapes Consortium Edit

A prestigious Senator that our hero's encountered at the University of Coruscant for the first time. She was abducted upon Coruscant by Indali and and Corlor Vix and she nearly escaped till she was knocked unconcious while in the University. This attack against the republic senate made it known that even in the heart of republic no one is safe. She was then to be exchanged with for a bounty price with a Quarren Slave trader that Indali had been contracting for this since the heroes visit to Tatooine. The trade would take place on Taris, but when are heroes arrived the Man in Black arrived to make sure plans went awry and a desperate defense against him and the Trandosian bounty hunter began. Both were infact seeking febo and hotaru when they arrived. The Senator unfortunately was tortured by Indali for information, but the cost was greater than Indali anticipated addling her head and making her useless beyond her head price to her. Trade unfortunately did not commence after the death of the Trandoshian bounty hunter and the defeat of the man and black yet the Man black escaped, as this took place our heroes encountered a swarm of rackgouls in pursuit of the entire entourage. Fortunately our heroes escaped and did make a financial trade with the Quarren, but not without back handed dealings with both Imperial and New Republic forces that both desired the Senator's release this was arranged once the bounty was payed for and our heroes quickly set about leaving the planet.

Senator Ishara

Ishara as Senator of the Hapes Consortium

Present: Ex Senator Ishara of the Hapes Consortium Edit

Present Information know by our heroe's about Senator Isharsa was that due to her mental illness she was unable to maintain her seat in the galactic Senate and was pushed into a sub divison of the Hapes Consortium. It is likely our Hero's have not seen the last of her as the loss of such a prestigious title that took years to build will not rest easily on her mind.