The YT-1930 is an often overlooked model of the popular yt series of fast moving trasport ships. This particular ship of unknown title serves as the primary means of transportation and home between missions of the player characters. It was procured by Master Vandrick at some unspecified time and modified to accommodate the needs of the party and their expedition.  It is piloted and captained by Decker Halson.

Ship Layout and ModificationsEdit


Alterations and clarifications to above map:

8: The ship is actually possessing of two external turret gunwells accessed from ship's center one on the top and another on the bottom.

14: To make room for vehichles in the starboard cargo hold most general supplies and cargo are stored in the portside secondary cargo hold.

15: Starboard cargo hold currently holds one five seater coruscanti speeder.

16: The cryogenenics chamber has been removed in favor of a small medical bay and chemistry lab maintained by ship medic Yanran.

17: The Workshop has been modified into a living quarter for Indali. All workshop related materials and workbench have been moved to port side cargo bay.

Current Bedding Arragements are as Follow's.

Portside: Febo in 5, Ilthya in 6, and Decker in 7.

Center: Hotaru in 7 above, Yanran in 7 bellow.

Starboard: Indali in 17.

Vessel HistoryEdit

The Heroes currently know nothing about the history of this ship.


The maintinance areas to port and starboard of the ship's cockpit have been proven to control the following systems:

  • Water Pressure Systems
  • Internal Security Procedures (Encrypted)
  • External Weapon Systems (Encrypted)

A small pit droid was found depowered amongst crates in the cargo hold of the ship by Hotaru. It seems to believe that it's ship was under attack and that the player's ship was familiar.

Febo's room contains a secret armory entered through its rear facing wall.

Various survival equipments can be found in the personal storage chamber.